i'm Chloé

creative assistant | digital designer | expert dog petter

Back in college as an English Literature student, I would re-write my friend's essays in exchange for beer. And honestly, it wasn't even for the beer (some of it was). That was the start of my copywriting love affair.

Fastforward... I have 10 year's experience in Personal Assistance and a life-long niggle to write more and work for myself.

I became a freelance creative VA, with copywriting as my niche, to work with people who seriously love what they do. My job is to help you focus on your main skill, while I arrange all the fluff around it. Call me your creative background elf. (But don't actually). 



Preferred tunes

You can find me in the 'anything that comes under rock' corner of Spotify

Coffee order

Flat white with oat milk (or oat caramel iced latte if it's the dead of summer & I'm feeling bouji)


Cooking for big groups of people, going to gigs, hiking!


Fav travel spot

Amsterdam & New York



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